Livemusik zum Dinner - DJ zur Party! - by Kampowski Music-Light-Events
Live Music or DJ? - Decide for both!

The perfect start into your event.
Receive your guests with an exqusit live performance - e.g. with our sympathetic saxophonists, our lounge-guitarist or our charming harpist! Live music creates atmosphere! >> live artist team

The perfect dinner.
Enjoy an amazing atmosphere during your dinner e.g. accompanied by our talented live pianists with a huge modern or classic repertoire. Live music will care for the perfect and exclusive mood and ambience. Our live concepts are designed for the background and will not disturb any conversations.
>> live artist team

Perfect Party!
After the performance of our live artists we take over as DJs. We create a discreet warmup for you and your guests and create a successful atmosphere between dinner and dance opening.

The music is arranged according to your wishes and those of your guests. Everything is ready for a goo party: e.g. up-to-date charts, house, R'n'B, classics from the 80s, 90s, rock music and more! You will make the selection ;-). >> DJ team

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Do we really need live music?
Of course, we are able to accompany your event completely as DJs. However, your guests will spend a lot of time with you. From reception to the night they will stay for round about 8-10 hours. With a live performance, you can offer versatility and variety to your guests and can avoid a monotonous or even boring evening.

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