Special-Lighting! - Lichtzauber für festliche Räume für Ihr Event
...it's so simple

4 lamps in the room are enough, right?
If you would like to illuminate your location, please do it the right way or leave it. It is important to know that light needs a cetain number of spots to achieve the atmosphere desired. In addition, 12-20 light are installed faster than you think ;-).

This can be other cheaper!
Definitely! But only seemingly. As you know, offers at first glance are not always comparable. We do not hide from our performance! Allow to show reference images from each provider before you book!

For which locations is "special lighting" suitable?
Hotels, restaurants, wineries, public houses, conference rooms, castles, castles, golf clubs, parks, gardens, private properties, etc.
Does the local power supply suffice for the lighting system?
Our technology is suitable for venues of any kind.

How much is it?
Special lighting is cheaper than you think. The prices depend on among other things, such as:
      - Distance to the location
      - Size of the rooms
      - Your personal wishes and ideas

May I choose the colours myself?
Of course. We would be glad to create colour combination according to your wishes in relation to your decoration and interior design.

Do we need a permission by our location to install the lighting system?
If you are interested in lighting at your venue, we will talk to staff of your location   and we will clarify all important questions so you do not have to worry about anything.

Do you have any further questions or would you like a non-binding offer? We will be happy to assist you. >> CONTACT

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